Partners and collaborators

It is with pride that we wish to recognize our partners and longtime collaborators with whom the Group Autocar Jeannois has evolved and expanded its activities.

We give great importance to our social and sporting implications. We support each year all sorts of events, whether in sports or cultural. Including our involvement in the Provincial Midget Tournament at Alma Festirame or Festival of Contemporary Music, and various other festivals and events in different territories (Atom Pee-Wee Tournament Alma; provincial Bantam tournament in St-Bruno; Festival des glaces de St-Gedeon)

Since 2004, Group Autocar Jeannois Cup brings together dozens of runners and thus significantly contributes to promote physical activity among our youth to stafit and healthy.

In 2010, Stéphane Lefebvre was honorary chairman of the Relay for Life. This event is an opportunity to support in a tangible way the Canadian Cancer Society. Each year there are hundreds of people involved to raise funds,  used primarily for research. We contribute through our efforts to keep the hope of those who fight for their survival! In addition, Mr. Lefebvre was also co-chair of honor for achieving over $ 2 million dollars for the Hospital Foundation in the city of Alma.

Likewise, through sponsorship, we also allow several young people to participate each year in the Engineer games which are held in major Quebec universities as well as in organizations such as: Juvaqua swimming club; elites Midgett AAA , Hopes the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, college hockey AAA 

Our partners and collaborators

  1. Jeannois Hockey
  2. Commission scolaire Lac-Saint-Jean
  3. Espoir Sag-Lac
  4. Véloroute des bleuets
  5. Collège d'Alma
  6. Commission scolaire de Charlevoix
  7. Séminaire Marie-Reine-du-Clergé
  8. Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien
  9. Fédération des Transporteurs par Autobus
  10. Jardin Scullion
  11. Evidence Canada
  12. Association Internationale pour la sécurité des jeunes
  13. Option transport
  14. Juvaqua
  15. Desjarins Lac-Saint-Jean
  16. Canadian Odysseys Odytours
  17. Commission scolaire du Pays-des-bleuets
  18. Camp Musical du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
  19. École de formation musicale d'Alma
  20. Fondation Cancer du sein du Québec
  21. Dam-en-terre
  22. Tourisme Alma Lac-Saint-Jean
  23. Tournoi Provincial Mario Tremblay
  24. Tournoi Provincial Midget Alma
  25. Club Cyclone d'Alma
  26. AVMLS
  27. Tournoi Atome PeeWee
  28. Club d'athlétisme Jeannois d'Alma
  29. Jeux du Québec Alma 2017
  30. Mont-Lac-Vert
  31. Éckinox Média