The Groupe Autocar Jeannois, with its six divisions in school transport, represents almost 90% of transportation carried out by the School Board of Lac-St-Jean and almost 30% carried out by the School Board of Charlevoix. Actively involved in the local safety committee for over 20 years with the School Board of Lac-St-Jean, the Groupe, along with its drivers, contributes greatly in placing prevention and safety at the forefront of school transportation. Both the management and the drivers are united in assuring that all the transportation provided is of the highest standards and lives up to the needs of the School Boards, the youngsters and their families…

The owners of the Groupe have always been members of the Quebec School Transportation Association (ATEQ) which is nowadays known as the Bus Carriers Federation. The Groupe strongly believes in the value of creating an important representative force striving for the highest standards of safety and quality of service in school transportation.

The Groupe remains open to any suggestions and viewpoints for development that might be available in the school sector.

The companies managed by the Groupe Autocar Jeannois are: Autocar Delisle Inc.; Autocar Du Lac Inc.; Autocar Charlevoix Inc.; Autobus St-Bruno (1987) Ltd; 9151-2111 Québec Inc.; Alma Autobus et Taxis Inc.