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Group Autocar Jeannois inc. was founded in 1974 by integrating the operations of three school bus contractors in the villages of Saint-Coeur-de-Marie and Sainte-Monique-de-Honfleur Lac-St-Jean. Initially operated under the name of Lefebvre and Gagné Bergeron inc., this SME operated a fleet of about ten school buses until 1980.

From 1981, merger and acquisition opportunities were taken; allowing the Group to enter the transportation for travelers.

In 1995, the acquisition of another transportation company consolidated school operations. Similarly, in the early 2000s, the elaboration of partnerships came to be important for developing the area, which allowed the company to take a significant market share related to school transportation in the area of Lac-Saint-Jean East and to start its development in the area of Charlevoix.

Our long haul division, Autocar Sagamie (luxury cars) has sharply increased since the 2000 by multiple investments, leading to the acquisition of luxury vehicles and providing the excellence on services and gives to custommer one of the best rates buses.

Autocar jeannois
over the years

  1. 1974

    Foundation of what became Group Autocar Jeannois inc. by the arrival of Bergeron, Lefebvre & Gagné inc

    The company becomes member of the ATEQ, Association des transporteurs écoliers du Québec.

  2. 1979

    Acquisition of School Transportation Gérald Coté Ltée

  3. 1981
    - 1989

    Acquisition of Autobus Valérien Pilote, Autobus Mistook inc., Gestion PPM inc., Autobus Bergeron inc., Autocar DuFjord inc.

  4. 1990
    - 1999

    Acquisition of School Transportation H. Plourde, Transport Delisle Ltée, Autobus Boily Ltée, Autobus Métabetchouan inc., Autobus Pelletier Ltée.

  5. 2002

    Group Autocar Jeannois is named "Company of the Year" due to its growth and dynamism, appointment by the Lac-St-Jean-Est Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  6. 2003

    Mr. Serge Lefebvre is named « Personality of the year » by the Lac-Saint-Jean-Est. Chamber of commerce and Industry.

  7. 2004

    Acquisition of Autocar La Capitale in partnership with Lac-Saint-Jean West carriers, an organization formerly headed by the company Alma Bus inc.

    Acquisition of Bus St-Bruno (1987) Ltée

  8. 2005

    Acquisition of Bus Renaud from L' Ascension

  9. 2006

    Stéphane Lefebvre is elected as a member of the board of ATEQ, as administrator for the regions Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Côte Nord and Chibougamau-Chapais.

  10. 2008

    Acquisition of the partnership Autocar du Lac.

    Acquisition Bus R. Audet. This acquisition is a first affiliate in the Charlevoix region in school bus, leading to the acquisition of new licenses in chartered transport in this region. The new company operates under the name of Coach Charlevoix inc.

  11. 2009

    Transferring-succession between Serge Lefebvre (father) and Stephane Lefebvre (son).

    Member of ABA (American Bus Association), allowing divisions Autocar Sagamie and Autocar La Capital approach the U.S. market.

    Appointment of Mr. Stéphane Lefebvre as "Young CA Leader in Quebec“ by the Association of Chartered Accountants of Quebec.

    Stéphane Lefebvre is elected member of the executive council of ATEQ, as Vice President of Eastern Quebec

  12. 2010

    Mr Stephanes Lefebvre becomes the President CEO of GroupeAutocar Jeannois

  13. 2011

    The Groupe Autocar Jeannois acquires the Berlines Annie Hudon and enters into the market of transportation by Berline.

    Stephane Lefebvre, President of the Group Autocar Jeannois, voted Business Personality of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lac-St-Jean Est.

    Stephane Lefebvre is nominated to hold tresury of the AIST from 2011 to 2015


  14. 2014

    The Groupe Autocar Jeannois expands through the acquisition of Alma Autobus et Taxis inc.

    The Groupe celebrates 40 years of existence

    The Groupe Autocar Jeannois now brings in regular employment for over 200 people. We remain on the lookout for any opportunity that will allow us to continue our growth.

  15. 2015

    The Groupe Autocar Jeannois is named Business of the Year for its collective commitment by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lac-Saint-Jean-Est.

    Mr Stephane Lefebvre is elected Vice-Chairperson of the Bus Carriers Federation.

  16. 2016

    Mr Stephane Lefebvre is elected President of AIST (International association for youth transportation safety) .2016  until now

  17. 2019

    Stephane Lefebvre nominated for presidency at Bus Carriers Federation